YPG Series Pressure Spray (Cooling) Dryer

Short Description:

YPG series pressure spray (cooling) dryer uses pressure atomizer to atomize the solution or slurry into small droplets through the pressure of the diaphragm pump, so that the surface area increases significantly and is fully heated by hot air. The exchange can be quickly dried (tens of seconds to tens of seconds) to obtain a device for powder or fine particle products.

Product Detail

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This unit is a device that can complete drying and pelletizing at the same time. According to the process requirements, the pressure, flow rate, and size of the orifices of the feed pump can be adjusted to obtain the desired spherical particles in a certain size ratio.


Working Principle

The working process of this unit is that the feed liquid passes through the high pressure input of the diaphragm pump, sprays droplets of mist, and then flows down in parallel with the hot air. Most of the particles are collected from the bottom outlet of the tower, and the exhaust gas and its tiny powder are separated by cyclones. The device is separated and the exhaust gas is discharged by an exhaust fan. The powder is collected by a pollination cylinder located at the lower end of the cyclone separator. The fan outlet can also be equipped with a secondary dust removal device with a recovery rate of 96-98%.



Performance Characteristics

◎ Drying speed is fast, the surface area of material liquid is greatly increased after atomization. In the hot air current, 95%-98% of water can be evaporated instantaneously, and the drying time only needs ten seconds to tens of seconds, especially suitable for Drying of heat-sensitive materials.

◎ All products are spherical particles, uniform particle size, good fluidity, good solubility, high product purity, and good quality.

◎ Wide range of use, according to the characteristics of the material, you can use hot air drying, you can also use cold air granulation, the adaptability of the material.

◎ The operation is simple and stable, the control is convenient, and it is easy to realize automatic operation.

Adapt To The Material

Spray drying particles:

◎ chemical: catalyst, resin, synthetic detergent, grease, ammonium sulfate, dyes, dye intermediates, white carbon black, graphite, ammonium phosphate and so on.

◎ Foods: Amino acids and their analogues, seasonings, proteins, starches, dairy products, coffee extracts, fishmeal, meat extract, etc.

◎ Pharmaceuticals: proprietary Chinese medicines, pesticides, antibiotics, pharmaceutical granules, etc.

◎ Ceramics: Magnesium oxide, china clay, various metal oxides, dolomite, etc.

◎ Spray granulation: various fertilizers, alumina, ceramic powder, pharmaceuticals, heavy metal superhard steel, chemical fertilizers, granular laundry detergent, proprietary Chinese medicines.

◎ Spray Cooling Granulation: Amine fatty acid, paraffin, glycerin, tallow, etc. Spray crystallization, spray concentration, spray reactions, etc. are often used.

Technical Specifications


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