ZGH vertical high speed mixer

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Vertical high-speed mixer is our company’s advanced technology, the latest development of high-performance mixer, its main features are as follows: the use of centrifugal force installed on the bottom of the body’s vertical high-speed rotation of the blade and the role of the material, so that The formation of the external upward roll, the center of the downward spiral vortex, so that the material inside and outside the ring, the upper and lower layers of full mixing and mixing; the use of high-speed debris mounted on the side wall of the machine blade, …

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◆ ZGH vertical high-speed mixer is specially designed for powder or low-humidity materials, which is highly efficient, uniform, and has no dead angle.

◆ The material contacting part of the machine is made of stainless steel, and the stirring shaft is provided with a sealing device, which can effectively prevent the skewing. Protect the life of bearings and transmission components.

Equipment Features

ZGH vertical high-speed mixer is a high-performance mixer developed by our company with advanced technologies at home and abroad. Its main features are as follows:

◆ The centrifugal force formed by the vertical high-speed rotating blades mounted on the bottom of the machine body acts on the material. To form a peripheral tumbling, the center is vortexed downward, so that the material inside and outside, the upper and lower layers are fully stirred and mixed;

◆ Using the high-speed debris paddle installed on the side wall of the machine, the outer ring is rolled up. The material is shattered and acts as a disturbance to increase the relative motion between the materials and improve the mixing effect.

◆ Due to the joint action of the above two types of blades, the material can be fully and uniformly mixed in a relatively short period of time. Its efficiency is incomparable with other domestic mixers;

◆ The mixing bin has no dead angle, quick discharge, easy to clean;

◆ The material contact parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, and no material volatilization, deterioration or loss occurs in the mixing process. and so on, to protect the craft ratio requirements;

◆ machine is suitable for mixing different proportions of dry and wet materials, especially for chicken , Mixing a variety of complex materials medicine powder, granules and other beverages stir.

Technical Specifications

model Working volume (L) Mixing weight (kg/time) Installed power (KW) Weight (kg) Overall size (mm)
ZGH-350 350 150 7.37 600 1500×1090×1200
ZGH-400 400 200 8.07 650 1500×1090×1300
ZGH-850 850 400 10.87 850


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