Application of chromium nitrate screw belt vacuum dryer

Chromium nitrate is dark purple orthorhombic monoclinic crystals, often used in glass manufacturing, chromium catalyst, printing and dyeing, etc.. It is obtained by the complex decomposition reaction of chromium trioxide and nitric acid by adding sucrose, and the product is dried by filtration and separation.

For the drying of chromium nitrate, the screw belt vacuum dryer is recommended. The screw belt vacuum dryer is widely used in the manufacture of chemical raw materials and APIs due to its large heating area and high evaporation efficiency.

The cone is equipped with a heating jacket and the heat source is hot water, heat-conducting oil or low-pressure steam, so that the inner wall of the cone can maintain a certain temperature. The material reaches the highest point and then automatically flows to the center of the vortex back to the bottom of the cone by gravity and inertia, the whole process makes the material forcefully heated in the cone, relative convection, mixing, heat diffusion in the material, so that the material makes an all-around irregular The whole process makes the materials in the cone-shaped cylinder forced heating, relative convection, mixing, heat diffusion in the materials, so that the materials for a full range of irregular reciprocating movement, complete the materials with a single spiral belt and the surface of the cylinder wall for high frequency heat transfer exchange, in a short time to achieve the heating and drying effect. So that the material internal water evaporates continuously, under the action of vacuum pump, water vapor is led out by vacuum pump, such as liquid recovery can be added condenser, recovery liquid storage tank recovery. After the drying is finished, open the lower discharge valve and discharge the material.


Performance characteristics of chromium nitrate screw belt vacuum dryer

1. The equipment adopts jacket and internal heating of the spiral belt, which increases the overall heating area of the equipment by about 40%.

2. The single spiral belt stirrer used in the equipment is a specially designed product, which can realize the effect of bottom-up circulation stirring and can get the forced heat transfer performance. Material filling rate in the case of 40% ~ 100%, can get 100% of the heating utilization. Suitable for the mixing and drying of delicate materials.

3. The fully sealed system, no foreign matter pollution, high cleanliness, especially suitable for mixing and drying of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs, and also suitable for mixing and drying of sterile APIs.

4. Small gap between the single screw belt stirrer and the container wall can effectively prevent the material from bonding on the surface of the wall.

5. Adopt the small angle cone cylinder structure, so that the discharge speed is fast, clean and no accumulation of material.

6. Configured with recoil device: the dust raised in the material drying process due to material drying is adsorbed on the vacuum trap, blocking the vacuum channel, and the unobstructed gas channel directly leads to the extension of drying time. The lower the temperature of the material in the drying process and the shorter the drying time, the less the quality of the material is affected. For the above reasons, the single cone dryer developed by our company is equipped with a back-blowing device on the vacuum trap, which can keep the vacuum channel open during the drying process of the materials, thus ensuring the drying time and drying quality.

7. The bottom discharge valve is ball valve or pumping plate valve, which is reliable and can maintain high vacuum degree during operation, which is conducive to vacuum drying.

8. The equipment has a compact structure, runs flat and proportional, with good sealing, no lubrication leakage, easy operation and long service life.

Post time: Jun-06-2022